What to Wear to a Job Interview: The Best Outfits for Men and Women

What to Wear to a Job Interview

What is the best outfit to wear for your next job interview?

Your options may vary depending on the company and the job position you are interviewing for. Like other people, you always want to dress to make the best first impression, but at the end of the day, the attire you choose depends on whether you are interviewing at a casual startup, an organization with a formal dress code or for an informal internship.

In this article, we will share a few tips about what to wear to a job interview and how to impress your future employer.


How to Dress for a Job Interview

Here are a few tips on dressing for success:


Professional or Business Interview Attire

The first impression you make on your future employer is a very important one. And let’s face it – the first judgment an interviewer makes is going to be based on what you are wearing. That is why it is important to dress appropriately for your next job interview.

When it comes to job interview outfits, you want to wear business or professional attire. For women, this might mean dress pants and a blouse and for men a suit jacket or sweater and pants. You can incorporate some style trends or modern accessories into your outfit.

You also want to think about the colors you wear. Avoid anything too flashy or bright that will distract the interviewer.


Non-Professional or Business Casual Attire

If you are preparing for a job interview in an informal company, it is best to wear business casual attire. Non-professional outfits are less formal than pants or suit and at the same time, they are suitable for a job interview.

Before you decide what to wear, make sure you know the dress code. If you are not sure, call and ask the administrative coordinator for advice.

We recommend you to dress a bit more professional than the employees at the company. If everyone is wearing t-shirts, you might wear a polo shirt.


Casual Interview Attire

If you have a job interview at a creative studio or startup company, it is best to choose a casual attire. Rather than showing up in a shirt and pants or black suit, go for something that is comfortable and presentable, for example, jeans and a nice top.


College Job Interview Attire

Although students might dress casually, they should dress a bit more professionally when interviewing for an internship or a professional job. Less formal is acceptable when applying for campus jobs and more informal jobs. Still, you want to dress professionally for all positions.

Internship Interview Attire

Internships are a very important part of the experience and career development and like any job, preparing for an interview is one part of securing the position you want. You can make a good first impression by coming across as professional, polished, and attentive.

Every company is different in what they consider professional and appropriate attire. Here are some additional tips to make sure you are well dressed.

  • Do your homework: If you don’t know much about the company you are applying in, try to find out what the dress code is. You can go to the company’s website to see if there are photos of employees. This can give you an insight into the overall vibe at the company. It is also okay to ask a friend who is working at the company.
  • Pay attention to details: When preparing your job interview attire, make sure you look polished. Don’t show up in stained, wrinkled or ill-fitting clothes. Don’t forget to make sure none of the breakfast ended up in your teeth and combs your hair before going out. You may also consider taking a small grooming kit with you for any touch-ups before the interview.
  • Keep it simple: Always keep it simple and elegant. You want the hiring manager or employer to focus on you and not on your attire. Avoid distracting the people who interview you by embracing a simple style. You should go easy on the makeup, jewelry, clothing, and hair. Stay away from pieces that show off too much skin, outrageous patterns and colors. Let your style speaks for itself through the answers you give during the interview. Consider investing in a classic handbag or briefcase that can fit your resume and all of the necessary documents for the interview comfortably. Details like that will make you feel stylish and organized.
  • Have a dress rehearsal: Always try on your interview clothing before the day of the interview to avoid any possible clothing malfunctions. A lot of things can go wrong if you are not ready on time – your shirt may not fit you anymore, the jacket is missing a button or the shirt you love is all wrinkled. Have a dress rehearsal and everything will be fine.
  • Put the perfume away: Once you’ve shaved, showered and applied deodorant, please avoid the need to urge to bathe yourself in perfume. After all, you want to be remembered for your talents and skills and not your scent.

When it comes to job interview hairstyles, there are a lot of different ways to style your hair. While some options are modern and others are more traditional, make sure that your hairstyle shouldn’t distract the interviewer. You will want your hair to be polished and professional, like your outfit.

Like your hair, your makeup shouldn’t distract the employer. When you do your makeup for a job interview, it is important to make a first good impression. Go for simplicity.


What not to wear on a job interview?

When you are dressing for your next job interview, keep in mind that image is everything. An unprofessional outfit can distract an employer from seeing your skills and qualities.

To make sure you look your best avoid wearing flip flops, shorts, shirts with thin straps, underwear that sticks out from the clothing, and perfume.

I hope these job interview tips will help you prepare for the big day!

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