The Best Freelance Websites for Designers and Developers

Best Freelance Websites for Designers and Developers

When deadlines are approaching for graphic designers, looking for a new business can fall to the bottom of the list. At this moment, you might feel secure and occupied with projects, but by keeping an eye on new clients, you can make sure a new job opportunity is never missed.

If you are looking for new clients or more freelance work, here are some of the best freelance websites for designers and developers to find new businesses.

OnSite is known as a platform for experienced and quality freelancers. Offering a marketplace of new freelance opportunities, workers are matched with jobs relevant to their experience and skills and only top-quality talent.

In other words, the website can help you find a reliable client and acts as a safeguard between clients and designers.


This is an all-in-one platform that connects businesses and clients with the best freelancers in the market. Aimed at attracting reliable and elite designers, the website has a hassle-free approach when it comes to paying invoices. With this website, you can forget about late payments or chasing clients.



If you are in the freelancing industry, you know that Upwork is one of the best online places to find a job online. The platform offers a place in which you can find more clients and hopefully fuel small business. It has a unique pairing system and matches projects to the best candidates with the highest rating.

When it comes to connecting with new clients and searching for new job opportunities, Upwork should be on your list.



This website promises to help users start small and build up. If you want to improve your designer or development skills, this is a great website to start your freelancing career.

The WorkStream option allows all Job History to be kept in one place. The client communication is excellent. The rating system allows freelancers to be reviewed which helps motivate repeat business.



Connecting businesses with the most creative artists, designers, and developers – that is the goal of this website.

WorkingNotWorking is an online friendly community where you can find the best talents in the creative industry. It is a perfect website for motion designers, illustrates, designers, and more.

It is a friendly website trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world.


Simply Hired is a mobile app and a website for online recruitment. Even though most of the jobs are for full-time employment, you can find many opportunities to discover businesses and employers that are looking for design support or web development services.



This is a community-based website that allows clients to post briefs out to its creative freelancers. All designers and developers are invited to submit their ideas and once selected can communicate with the client on feedback. After the project is completed, it can be downloaded from the website.



Although Behance isn’t your typical freelance job website, it is a great step in the right direction to start off your freelance career. It is a portfolio website for designers that will surpass any working portfolio you can create on your site.

Another thing we like about this website is the fact that it has a Domain Authority which means your work has a chance of working higher in Google rankings.



For designers and creatives who are desperate to find new clients, AngelList is your go-to place. Businesses (especially startups) are always looking for new talented freelancers and this is the place where they go to find them.

Why waiting? Set yourself up with an account and browse the job listings.



Just like other freelance websites for graphic designers, designers, and developers on this list, Dribbble is another way to showcase your portfolio. Clients can see what you’ve been working on and all of the projects you’ve created.

What’s more, the website has its own design jobs section which you can check.


Art Wanted

If you have experience in illustration, digital design or any other art form, this website is perfect for presenting your portfolio. Within the website, people have the option of purchasing your creations (if they love what they see, of course).

You can call it an online art gallery or store. At the end of the day, the website provides a huge potential for connecting with clients.


Envato Studio

Envato Studio is an online community of developers, designers, and creatives all working on various projects. The most popular are the business card and logo design opportunities.

Online workers and freelancers are handpicked to work for Envato meaning there is no guarantee you will secure a job. Sign up, you never know, maybe you are the lucky one!


It is a bit different than other job freelancing websites, Coroflot acts as a matchmaking service between freelancers and clients. Clients post their offers, you create your portfolio and the Coroflot team does the rest.

To be a member of the website, you need to apply. That’s how you will always ensure the highest quality of work.


Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a great website for design and development articles. Did you know that they also have a job board?

You can find a wide range of offerings for designers from businesses around the world with the possibility of finding the perfect job. Although it is difficult to sift through the jobs, it is still a rewarding process.



CrowdSPRING is the perfect website for all those who are fed up with invite-only codes to get access to the best freelance job websites. This website does everything for you. Designers can submit concepts for the job offers posted and the best concept gets the job.

It is great for designers and creatives to sign up, but keep in mind that there is a waiting list due to the huge number of applications.

There you go – the best freelancing websites for developers, designers, and creatives to find clients. Time to pick a website and apply for the job of your dreams! Read more about