Create a Freelance Website or Blog, Show Your Skills & Get More Clients

Create a Freelance Website

The best way to promote yourself as a freelancer and get more gigs is by creating your own freelance website or blog.

With the help of ecommerce platforms and website builders, you can not easily set up your self-employed website without any coding.

In this article, we will show you how to create a freelance website or blog to show your skills and get more clients.


Why Do You Need a Freelance Website or Blog

If you want to spend more time earning money and less time looking for potential clients or gigs online, it is time to get your own website or blog. With your own professional-looking and user-friendly website, you will be able to focus on doing what you are good at while the gigs come to you.

There are many reasons why you need to consider creating your own freelance site or blog:

  • Promote your freelance services to more clients
  • Get recognized with unique design features to create your brand
  • Save on fees and percents charged by freelance platforms (you can now set your own rates)
  • Help new clients find you on Google with SEO
  • Attract new and high-paying clients with a well-prepared and professional portfolio


What Should Your Freelance Website or Blog Include?

To make a freelance website attractive, you must include all the important details. Sometimes, it can be tricky to decide what you want to include. Think about what clients want to know before they hire you for your services.

There are a few things that all the best freelance blogs and websites have:

  • About Me Page: A page where you can write a short biography and show your personality.
  • Services: Add a list of all the services you offer and explain how can you help
  • Portfolio: Present all your previous projects. Your portfolio should include your best work.
  • Credentials: List your knowledge, experience, achievements, and qualifications.
  • Testimonials: Show your potential clients that you are a reliable worker. By adding testimonials on your website, you can build confidence and trust.
  • Contact Info: Add all of your contact information (how can clients reach you). Make it easy for clients to book your services.

Shopify: The Best Ecommerce Solution for Freelancers

Shopify is the number one ecommerce solution and a great option for freelancers and agencies. If you want to create a freelance writer website or any other type of website, Shopify is a great platform to consider.

In fact, Shopify is more than just a platform – it is a solution you will feel confident enough recommending it for your next ecommerce project.


Why choose Shopify to build your freelance website or blog?

Shopify has everything you need to sell your services faster online. Here are a few other reasons why consider Shopify to build a freelance website and blog.


Trusted Ecommerce Platform

The Shopify platform powers more than 1.000.000 businesses from all over the world – from small businesses and startups to global brands like The New York Times and RedBull. No business is too small or too big to sell on the platform.


Intuitive Ecommerce Solution

Shopify is designed to meet merchants’ needs meaning you can handoff your work with minimal support or training. Once you are on Shopify, you will have access to in-depth documentation, 24/7 support, an easy-to-use website builder, free educational resources, and discussion forums.


Customizable Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Scalable and optimized for growth, Shopify has all the features you need to create unique, memorable digital experiences. The platform offers storefront customizations like responsive themes, personalized domain names, new layouts and design, and powerful mobile presence.


Secure Features

Shopify is known for being one of the most secure ecommerce solutions on the market. The platform incorporates all leading security features into every plan and product to ensure you are always protected.

Thanks to the free 256-bit SSL certificates, 99.98% uptime, level 1 PCI compliance, and 24/7 monitoring, you know you have a team of experts who are always here to make sure your website or blog are protected.

Sales Channels and Product Integrations

Shopify offers sales channels and product integrations, allowing you to offer your services to customers from all over the world. Some of the most popular channels are Point of Sale, Buy Button, Facebook & Facebook Messenger, BuzzFeed, Pinterest, and Amazon.


Create a Freelance Website Packed with Features

Now that you know how to create a freelance website, you can create one and let the freelance gigs come to you.

By creating the perfect portfolio, you will be able to dazzle clients with your unique offers. This is a chance for you to step away from all the freelance job websites like UpWork or Fiverr and present your work just the way you want it. Combine photos, text, and videos to make your creations even more attractive.

The best part is that you can edit your website anytime and anywhere.

You can edit your website on-the-go. With Shopify, you can edit your website straight from your smartphone or tablet. You can post about your latest projects or update your contact information with just a few clicks.

Your own freelance website will save you time. You will spend less time searching on freelance work sites (Fiverr, Upwork, etc.) when you have your own blog. Whether you are just starting out or you are already working as a freelancer, finding clients and pitching on freelance websites can be time-consuming.

With the Shopify website builder, you can list your services, present your portfolio, and share your expertise – all in one place. You can then use the automatic SEO feature to help more people find you on Google and book your services.

To attract even more clients, make sure your website looks professional. You can give your website and blog a professional look by adding a custom web address or domain, stick with a simple and clean design, make sure your contact information is up to date, and don’t forget to include your freelancer logo.

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